About Ptarmigan Aviation

About Us

We are a General Sales and Service Agent to the Airline Cargo Industry

Our Team have been  together for the past 14 years and have a vast knowledge of the changing environment in which we work

We offer our Freight Forwarding Customers, connections to over 200 destinations worldwide on upper deck freighter services

Mission Statement

To provide a personal and professional service to our Customers, both Client Airlines and our Freight Forwarding Agency Customers in Ireland

We are firm believers in employee empowerment and delegation, as a result our staff are very customer focused.Our staff have built up strong relationship with our freight forwarder customers, thus ensuring a personal touch.


Client Airlines – It is our aim to provide maximum revenues to the airlines in a very competitive climate, by way of continuous innovation and customer service

Cargo Forwarders – to build on our working relationship with our customers in delivering on service and pricing that leave the customer in the knowledge that they have good value and reliability. Our staff are always available to assist and update clients on any requirements, in other words satisfying all our customer’s expectations.


Combined Experience

Client Network