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Our two client airlines work in two distinct markets, offering complimentary services. This allows us to fully focus on our customer needs / represent our customers best interests



About UPS Air Cargo

UPS® (NYSE:UPS) is ranked No.1 on Transport Topics’ Top 50 Logistics Companies in a listing due out today. UPS is much more than just the expert in small package shipments.

Since 1982, UPS Air Cargo has provided freight forwarders direct, airport-to-airport deliveries to over 170 strategically located airports around the world. We can accommodate virtually any type of freight from perishables to aircraft engines.


UPS Airlines consists of 236 aircraft that serves over 200 countries and territories worldwide. Based out of Louisville, Kentucky (home to Worldport), UPS Airlines operates several major hubs throughout the United States; the largest are in Philadelphia and in Rockford, Illinois (Chicago).

Freight coming from Ireland, is served through Cologne, Germany to Europe, Middle East, Far East, North, Central and South America destinations. North America is also served through our Belfast and East Midlands gateways

UPS operates one of the largest all-cargo airlines in the world.


About Bluebird Cargo


Bluebird Cargo was established in the year 2000 in Iceland by a group of local businesses and individuals with a solid background in aviation and airfreight.

The company received its Aircraft Operating Certificate in early 2001 under JAROPS1, and was the first Icelandic airline to be certified from the start of operations under this European standard.

Operations started in March of 2001, with one B737-300 freighter aircraft routing daily from Iceland via the United Kingdom to Cologne, Germany.

Today Bluebird Cargo operates a fleet of 7 aircraft, 4X B737-400 and 3X B737-300 cargo craft..

Bluebird Cargo is more than “just” an ACMI provider. With a strong background in air cargo, this company is able to provide all inclusive cargo services. Bluebird Cargo has the potential to provide blocked space or part-charter / scheduled capacity to freight forwarders and integrators on long term basis, and independently fill remaining cargo capacity of the flights through an extensive  network of partners and associated companies.

At Bluebird Cargo the emphasis is on CARGO, and not only the BIRD. Bluebird Cargo started direct operations through the Dublin Gateway on the 1st of April 2014 and has developed into a strong Global Hub.

Bluebird Cargo Ireland

Upper deck Cargo Services
737-400 Freighter Aircraft

Flight Operating Monday to Friday

Flight Schedule:
Origin Destination Flight Number ETD ETA
DUB KEF BBD6810 05:45 07:00
KEF DUB BBD6809 16:45 20:00

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