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Handling Facilities

Specialized Handling


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Our Services

Handling Facilities

  • Dedicated handling facilities provided by Swissport Cargo at Dublin , Shannon, Cork and Belfast
  • Fully compliant in the handling of Dangerous Goods as per IATA Dangerous Goods Regulation
  • We are also fully compliant in Specific Airline Principles’ requirements.
  • All staff are fully trained in IATA Standards including government regulated security requirements
  • Dangerous goods on UPS Air Cargo – See Approved Dangerous Goods
  • Dangerous goods on  Bluebird Cargo – as IATA Regulations

Specialized Handling

  • Temperatured Controlled Units – 15 to 25 degrees
  • Cold Room
  • Freezer Units – -2 to -18 degrees


Dedicated trucking connections inter airport

  • Fully Regulated Truck Operators
  • Exclusive Trucking available.

 Airline Security

  • All our partners are approved by the Department of Transport/ Irish Aviation Authority, having met all the criteria laid down under the Cargo Security Programme.
  • Airlines, Handling Partners, Trucking etc. are all regulated by the Department of Transport and the Irish Aviation Authority
  • X-Ray and ETD Facilities

Charter Services

Ptarmigan Aviation can offer air cargo charter solutions to our customers.


 Track & Trace

  • Track your UPS Cargo online here

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